Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dress up, theater plays, and funny questions

Whew!!!? Another month has gone by!!

Wow. Just in this past month we’ve had so many events. At NyGirl’s co-op, we’ve had Biblical Character Day where all the kids got to dress up as their favorite bible character. I’ll need to find that pic on the camera (if it hasn’t been lost, that is!!!)

She dressed up as Queen Esther. It was fun… Also in the past month we’ve been to our local Tuscaloosa Children’s Theater to see “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” - a production put on by many of the talented kids in our local community. We had a great time there of course. There were a few other homeschool groups that attended– so we had a nice discount and sat together during the show.

Let’s see, what else… Our lesson plans? Going differently than expected, needless to say! When I first started homeschooling "officially" back in August I had the whole semester pretty much planned out with an idea that I would alter some things from month to month. My idea now is — take it day by day!!! Honestly, there are some days when we both feel like doing a subject past dinner time in the evening, and it’s perfectly fine for our family. It’s so freeing to know that I don’t have to stick within the boundaries of certain hours within the day, and that we can take school with us wherever we go. And of course, these days I’ve been going to a lot of doctor’s appointments since my baby #2 is due in a few weeks…so NyGirl brings her Abeka language arts workbook to the hospital with her and works on it from there. Very convenient indeed. We do sometimes get those questions like “Has your school let out for the day already?” or “aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Then I have to go through the arduous duty of explaining that we homeschool and it’s all cool. I usually don’t get many more questions after I explain, but it still baffles me that people can still not understand that homeschooling is one of many options of educating children, which means that from time to time they’ll see school-aged children with their parents between the public “school” hours of 8-3. At any rate, I never let it bother me. The questioning is okay with me too, because I’m really quite happy and content with our arrangement. My family enjoys it, I love it, and most of all, NyGirl is having a blast and learning so much. More later (hopefully before Baby 2 is born)…

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