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Hi, my name is Demetria,  and I'm a  "natural parenting", homeschooling mama of two beautiful little girls who absolutely love to learn.

I'm delighted to find myself (after wanting to be a schoolteacher since age 5), currently teaching my own children.  It's a rather unique twist of events, and I am loving every moment of it.

Recently we moved from Alabama to California, changed jobs,  transitioned from homeschool to public school and back to homeschooling again, I started a business which I am currently on sabbatical from...so, yeah, it's been quite a ride!

Meanwhile, in the midst of what seems like an unending array of missing links in my life, I am finding more solace than I ever have-- and I am at peace.
God is showing me so many life lessons out here on the beach- most of which deals with trust.
I am really enjoying homeschooling again, supporting my husband, and making my home more "natural"- healthier food choices, eliminating allergen suspects...doing what I can to make life more peaceful for my family.
I enjoy playing piano and songwriting, curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate or tea, writing poetry, singing, and a host of other things that mostly include being creative online (blogging, websites, etc.).  I'm a bit of a social media junkie, but in remission for a season (although I still have to confess to using Facebook daily).  Right now, my heart strings are being tuned for something totally different, though I'm not sure what exactly.  Does that make any sense?
The biggest key for me right now is to realize that God is in control, not I. 


There are no words to describe how much this man means to me and our children. He doesn't show up  an awful lot in this blog for several reasons- and I'd love to show you more of him (he is my big secret!), but I've honored his request to keep him out of the limelight here.
That doesn't mean that I can't brag on him just a bit, though.
He adds much value to our family and our homeschool-- teaching our children French and helping out with math games.  He also leads us in many bible studies and serves as a facilitator for grammar games.  He likes to attempt to beat my oldest daughter at Sodoku when he can and enjoys helping her with playing piano and guitar.  I think our daughter's artistic talent comes from him since he draws pretty well.  He's crazy in love with his kids and wife (ha!) and I love him SO much!

NyGirl  or Ny (her online nickname) is my oldest student and currently in the 4th grade.

Thoughtful and inquisitive, yet very outspoken and full of questions, she is a dynamite waiting to happen.

She loves playing the piano, learning violin, singing Christian music, and listening to classical music.  Her favorite musical style is pop and rock.

NyGirl has quite a few special talents: (shameless plugs ahead!! I can't help myself- I am just so proud of her!!)

  1. She sings very well. Her natural vibrato and definite pitch astound me sometimes-- I'm definitely going to have to post some of her songs to this blog.
  2. She can draw quite well-- and that's an understatement.  I cannot draw a horse- even in a cartoonish fashion.  Ny has begun drawing realistic-looking horses  after checking out a few drawing books from the library.  She also draw Veggie Tales characters REALLY well, and can pretty much draw anybody AS a Veggie Tales Character.  Fun!
  3. She is an excellent reader.  Her fluency and comprehension is, at this point (according to her former school) is 8th grade level.  This would mean nothing, in short, except that because she is such a voracious reader, it's been extremely easy to teach her, since learning just comes more naturally when you have the skills for reading. This means that most of her learning is done individually- she learns the material and teaches me what she learns.  It also means I have to be extra careful about the content she reads and make sure she is still selecting books appropriate for her age.

Shameless plugs aside...

We count this nothing short of a blessing, and I praise God every day for His blessings on her life.



Her name, for the purposes of this blog, is BabyZ (or Z).

Z is now 4  years old and is enthusiastic, full of energy and life, and never seems to tire!  She truly lives up to her name, which means "life".

We have just begun to officially consider her a true homeschool student, now that we have gotten through the tough, but beautiful months of nursing and weaning, potty training and all of the other wonderful things that come along with babyhood! 

Actually, now that we've gotten through the 3's, Z has become a real part of our homeschool experience now.  Which means "goodbye temper tantrums, and hello school!"

She loves to:
  1. Count everything in sight
  2. Talk about colors
  3. Sing her ABC's
  4. Listen to books and pretend she is reading also.
  5. Build blocks.
  6. Play puzzles.
  7. Mash play dough.
  8. Sing!  Oh, how she loves to sing with Big Sis!
  9. Play on the piano.
  10. Draw on the marker board.
...and to add to this list (since last year)...

11. Pretend to read books
12.Go on fun field trips
13.Participate in Sunday School at church
14.Play dress up

Z is growing up so fast, and yet is kind of middle of being a toddler and a preschooler, so there are times we shift back and forth from kissing her "boo-boo's" and teaching her to behave like a "big girl" at church (being well behaved, sitting still for longer periods of time).  It really is a HUGE transitional stage for Z right now, as it is for most 3 year olds, caught in the middle.  Z is so full of life and joy and brings so much happiness to our lives!
*Update- Z is doing so much better now at age 4.  It really is amazing what just 6 months of growing up can do for a kid.  No longer really caught in the middle, Z seems to be fully embracing her surroundings and is starting be a lot more inquisitive about the world around her.  She is bright, funny, and full of zest!


  1. Wow Sis! There you are. You done move out to the West Coast. How do you like your new surroundings? I see you got a blog started. I look forward to reading your post.

  2. Erin, so glad to see you on my blog! (It's something familiar amidst all that is unfamiliar out here on the west coast). It is beautiful out here, but very different culturally and takes some getting used to. I miss fam and friends back home :-(
    Thanx for reading my posts...
    Your blog has inspired me so much.


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