Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Biblical Character Day

One of the things my daughter really enjoys is our fun "themed" days at our local homeschool co-op.

In our family, in particular, we do not participate in Halloween activities...but many churches have a Fall Festival and the children have an opportunity to dress up and enjoy fun activities.

I have mixed feelings about fall festival, especially those that somehow "take the place" of Halloween- but one thing I know for sure- God created the seasons which we enjoy, so why not enjoy them, even celebrate them?  I can celebrate the God and creator of fall, spring, winter, and summer... so with that said...

Our co-op has Costume Day during this season.  NyGirl is enjoying dressing up as a biblical character- Esther.  I think Esther must be her all-time favorite bible character.

There is the whole thing about Esther being a princess and all...and NyGirl is definitely a girly-girl type and is REALLY into princesses.  So there you go.

Here she is during co-op, walking across the front of the auditorium to announce her character.  We had some really great costumes this year and lots of creativity in our group!


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