Thursday, June 24, 2010

Homeschooling and Coffee

Earlier this year (2nd grade), NyGirl and I would often do our school work at the coffee shop (both for work and fun).  I would tutor her a bit and get her started on her school work and then work on some of my writing., while BabyZ spent a few hours that morning each week at a Mom's Morning Out program.

NyGirl LOVED this time alone with me.  It was fun for both of us and really helped strengthen our relationship since the birth of her sister.  It was our mommy/daughter time alone, and although we did some schoolwork, we played some games too (sometimes Life, sometimes Guess Who, and sometimes Uno).

We would just order our hot chocolate, complete our grammar pages and math assignment, and then move on to some 'good times'.

It felt so  Nothing incredibly pre-planned (with the exception of the workbook pages), but enjoying the spontaneity of learning practically anywhere.

Here is something I wrote about that experience a few months ago:
I don't even know why I've bothered to worry myself about my daughter's education.  Now seven years old, full of life and creative energy, I can see why a home education was the best option for her.

Today our school day was full of the smells of coffee and hot chocolate, a tapestry of art on the brick walls surrounding us, and the pulsating beat of smooth jazz.  We had school at a local coffee shop- reading and writing, calculating math problems, reflecting, resting, thinking, observing.  We surrounded ourselves with books and just breathed in life.

It was relaxing. It was beautiful. It was education.

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