Friday, January 6, 2012

Hair days- play days

I spent the morning doing my youngest daughter's hair so we could go out and have fun at our local homeschool playgroup.

Here's what I used:

 After washing, I made big parts. Total time so far: about 30 minutes.

I applied a thick, white cream moisturizer and combed it through before parting.

Clipped into three sections

I parted small sections in the back to make cornrows
Lastly, I bead each braid.
Total time: about 1 hour.  Whew!

Now, she is free to play!

Our Homeschool Play Group:
Meet and make new friends- and learn Spanish too!

Climb, climb, climb.

Toss a ball.
Even the big kids have fun


  1. I may need to come for a hair style! My natural hair looks a hot mess!

  2. :-) I'm tellin' ya-- doing hair in our home is a week long activity for all us girls!


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