Thursday, July 15, 2010

Story of the World curriculum review

We began our 2nd semester kindergarten with Story of the World, Volume 1.  We were attempting our lifestyle at a classical education that year, and this curriculum pick for history seemed a good fit at the time.  We got midway through the curriculum and enjoyed many of the hands-on activities.  They were all read-alouds, and since my child enjoyed that kind of thing, it went well (me reading out loud to her each story).  We did the accompanying activity pages and coloring sheets, and the fun projects.  For example when we studied ancient Africa, we dressed up in African clothing that day and cooked a traditional African meal.  Fun :-)  By the middle of the book, though, the chapters began to address the Greeks and their culture of pagan god worship.  This is where we ended our studies in this book, since I was not interested in introducing Zeus, Venus and the rest to my child.  We have moved on since to enjoy Robin Sampson's history materials as well as Christian Liberty Press and Bob Jones University.


  1. Hi Demetria. I feel the same way about The Story of the World. I heard Susan Wise Bauer speeak at our local homeschooling convention this year, and have many friends that rave about it, but I had some reservations about teaching my children about the gods of the Egyptians and Greeks. Especially at such a young age. I'm glad to know I am not alone! Thanks you for your input and suggestions on alternatives.

  2. Stephanie, yes I actually enjoyed the curriculum for a few months before we switched gears. I know of many families who skip those sections or just don't have their children complete ALL of the activities (like the coloring pages)...BUT...I'm like you. I just felt uncomfortable introducing it in my family...and at such a young age.


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